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disclaimer: every post is a form of twisted reality, otherwise advised. oh and, pardon my language.

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Dear anyone, 

June 2013 has just passed and it was a great experience for me. It is the month which I dedicate for a short getaway from reality. After a year work in an architecture firm while maintaining my insanity by writing in some architecture online magazines and doing crazy stuff with my fellow creative community activists in Bandung, I thought my soul needs some fresh air and a little bit new adventure.

Fortunately last month I got an opportunity to be a part of bettercities’s pilot project titled Urban Residency in George Town, Penang (MY), where 9 young creatives from architecture and design backgrounds collaborate to design a community space. The site lies in the back lane of shop houses in Little India. Within a week we have to design this ordinary and almost abandoned pocket space to a place where community can gather and interact.

See #BetterCities’s more awesome projects here.

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